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From The Desk of Dexx Williams
Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Business Owner,

If you're currently not satisfied with your existing sales revenue, and would like to see it increased significantly...

If your marketing efforts aren't generating the return on investment you hoped, and you would like to boost their effectiveness...

If you'd like to systematize your business to be more efficient and effective, creating greater profit with less effort...

Then you've come to the right place, because...

I Help Small Businesses To
Increase Sales By 30% - 90%
In As Little As 30 days

I'll be doing a series of profit system design and strategy sessions this month, and I wanted to see if you'd like me to create a profitable marketing system for your business as well.

This is an exclusive opportunity to not only boost your sales, but also slash your existing marketing costs.

I'll even share some highly effective techniques with you for generating additional revenue from other areas of your business you may never have realized before.

This will be a fun chat with me, one-on-one, where you will have a chance to have me reveal exactly how you can exponentially increase your current profit and revenue growth in a short period of time.

During our session, I'll identify what your desired growth target it is, what you're currently doing to achieve that growth, and then discuss with you proven strategies you can implement to hit your target revenue goal much faster.

This will be a very casual, non-salesy, conversation where you'll have a chance to get a custom marketing system created that you can then go off and implement on your own, or with your team.

You'll be getting INSTANTLY implementable strategies, organized into a systemized marketing process that will produce consistent results as you move forward, and can increase your revenue without any additional advertising costs being required.

This means that you'll be able to deploy the profit system to rapidly increase your profits, that we design together, IMMEDIATELY after we end our conversation.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can take your annual revenue to that next level, but in a way that's easier and requires less time...

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- Dexx

Best Selling Author and
President of Unique Profit Systems Inc.


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