How to Advertise Your Business For Free and Skyrocket Sales

In this post on getting free advertising exposure you’ll discover:

  • The mindset to adopt to get more mileage from your marketing
  • Common mistakes businesses make when creating marketing messages
  • The primary reason people share content on Facebook
  • The difference in sharing mentality between men and women
  • 3 ways to excite your ideal prospects to do your advertising for you
  • The key to positioning yourself as an authority within your market

 Marketing and promoting your business is expensive. Not just in terms of financial costs, but the time, and resources that go into creating and distributing your marketing activities.

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To have your ideal prospects consume your marketing message, and then send it directly to others just like themselves at no additional cost is not just powerful, it’s incredibly profitable.

This is not a new concept. Since the early years of printed news (and probably before that), individuals would rip out news clipping they found valuable to either save or share with friends and family they thought would benefit from it.

Heck, maybe you or someone you know does this still with newspapers they read.

So why doesn’t the content your business distributes via social media get shared more often? Is it just a matter of luck?

Not at all!

The problem rests in some common mistakes that businesses make with their social media efforts:

  • Businesses attempt to be creative or clever with their content. You may get a couple “likes” of your material, but nobody is really inclined to excitedly share it with friends or family because it really doesn’t seem like anyone else would care
  • The “content” is just blatant “buy our stuff” posts with products and services for sale. Once again, there’s no real reason to share this information short of it being an absolutely shocking bargain for a limited time
  • The content being posted doesn’t really have anything actionable attached to it. There’s no clear “here’s what to do with this information” that makes it useful for your market to pass along to others

Below are some great statistics on what makes people motivated to share content on Facebook, but the strategies that follow below the image apply universally to all media channels:

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The 3 Main Takeaways for Creating Marketing Messages Your Audience Will Excitedly Send to Your Ideal Prospects For You:

#1. Make your marketing useful. As mentioned previously, sharing content on social media is just the modern day “newspaper clipping” that is given to a friend or family member to read. Create something that will be just as educational, informative, and/or helpful for your market to save or share with others.

#2. Don’t create controversial content. At least on behalf of your business. Your audience is more likely to avoid sharing content that could cause an argument between them and their connections. (For example: political opinions)

#3. Bring your audience together over their shared interests. Think of who they will be sharing this content with. You want your prospects to share your content with others like themselves who find the information not just useful or interesting  but causes an emotional reaction that they can share with others like themselves. (For example: upcoming events, pet training videos, DIY home videos etc.)

The additional benefit of applying the three strategies above together is that it will naturally help position your business as an authority within your market. A resource your ideal prospects can rely on for quality advice…

Which means a natural increase in sales due to them now knowing, liking, and trusting your business!

Getting more mileage out of your marketing efforts is quite simple when you make these simple adjustments…

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